Adonis Wines

Your New Antidote

When you are creating an event that will live long in the memory it is the small things that make all the difference. At Adonis Wines we combine exclusivity and luxury to give you and your guests an experience truly like no other.

Nature’s Best Kept Secrets

We introduce you and your guests to the exhilarating and uplifting world of organic wines — one which is rich in flavour and imbued with aromas that will enliven your senses. As pioneers at what we do we know how to add harmonious tastes to any occasion.

Time To Create

No event should be without a dash of originality that puts a smile on every guest’s face. Our exclusive range of Prosecco cocktails are created by mixing our passion for luxury service with an unrivalled knowledge of what makes a glass of our finest mouthwateringly lush.


Ready For Something Different?

No matter where you are in London, we can add the extra sparkle that your event needs to truly come to life. Picture yourself sipping a one of a kind cocktail as you sample an endless array of canapés before heading to your own bar, styled exactly how you want it, and you start to see what is possible in the exclusive world of Adonis Wines.

Reinventing Luxury

We’re guided by a passion for what we do and live to add something unique and bespoke to every occasion. Our world is one in which anything is possible, and one where you are free to ask for exactly what you want, when you want.



Don’t put limits on your dreams.

Don’t settle for second best or ‘good enough’.

Contact Adonis Wines today and be inspired by a life without limits.